Vernier Control Cables

Vernier Control Cables are the mechanical control cable for setting engine RPM and other micro/macro adjustments. Applications range from generator sets, to manual throttles for warm up on a wide cariety of on and off-road vehicles.

Vernier cable control heads may be ordered as a complete assembly (head and cable attached) or separately.

Key Features
• Fast and Simple Installation – can be mounted independently to the the dash and then connected to the cable on the other side of dash or firewall.
• Positive Adjustment – depress the red release button and pull the Vernier knob out until an approximate rpm or setting is achieved.
• Positive Adjustable Brake – precise settings can be maintained through vibration or governor back pressure by setting the correct amount of friction on the brake.
• Fast Shutdown – simply depress the red button and simultaneously push in the knob for immediate shutdown.

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