Electronic Controls

Orscheln Products designs and manufactures mechanical and electro-mechanical engine, valve and pump controls for on and off highway applications for both OEM and aftermarket requirements.

Control Connections offers an extensive line of standard products or custom designed controls for these applications.

Electronic Foot Pedal

Electronic Throttle Pedals are offered in floor mounted and suspended designs. Each delivers a precise signal that interacts with the engine’s electronic fuel management systems. The fast-reacting pedals provide smooth driver operation and feature a durable, longer-life programmable Orscheln Products Sensor. Polymer components create a lightweight pedal, as much as half the weight of current pedals in the marketplace.


Electronic Hand Throttle

The EV2 vernier control has been designed to provide precise, variable engine speed adjustment on electronically controlled stationary engines, or from a remote operating position on mobile equipment. It uses a linear potentiometer to translate mechanical position to an electrical signal in order to control the engine from a remote location.

The EV2 control looks and works similar to the mechanical cable version it replaced, allowing familiar operation to the end user.

The large (2-1/4") diameter, easily identifiable knob provides continuous engine speed regulation from idle to wide open throttle in seven (7) full turns, providing fine engine speed adjustment. It offers a quick shut-down feature activated by pushing in the knob.

The EV2 is pre-set at the factory, with no field adjustment necessary. The potentiometer unit is sealed for protection against moisture and contaminants.


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