Controls, Cables, Connections and Hardware for the Construction Industry in Australia

Whether you need a reliable, heavy-duty cable to support a steel structure or have to replace a well-used gear shift system on your mobile hydraulic crane, Control Connections Australia can help your construction company meet its deadlines. Not only do we rapidly source sometimes hard to find mechanical parts or electrical systems for members of the construction industry, we also deliver – on time – to any on-site or off-site location in Australia. When you are carrying out construction work to a strict deadline, the last thing you need to put you off schedule is a missing piece of construction hardware or a malfunctioning cement truck.

Construction firms around the country depend on Control Connections Australia for the maintenance and longevity of their construction machinery. Our catalogues are full of hardware for heavy-duty building machinery, while our trained and professional staff will know exactly which part your mean when you drop us a line.


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