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PTO Knob

$38.50 ex GST
Top Mount Control Twin Lever MT-3 Twin 309076
Top Mount Control Single Lever MT 3 309075
Top Mount Control CFB0124-00 Red

Top Mount Controls – NB CFB124 Style Single Lever

$295.00 ex GST
Single Lever Red Handle with Brake (Throttle)

Top Mount Controls – Twin Lever -NB Style

$390.00 ex GST
Twin Lever Black/Red Handles (Gear + Throttle)
DC Series Control 301916

DC Series Control 301916

$144.00 ex GST
DC Control with optional Angle Bracket

Side Mount Controls – ST Series 044777

$371.60 ex GST
Side Mount Single with Friction Brake
D Series Control D0002

D Series Control

$580.00 ex GST
These controllers are no longer available please speak to our sales staff to discuss alternative controls

Linear Control Cable – Rack Drive

$181.89$244.61 ex GST
Self Centering Control 1” Travel Cable with Rack Drive

Linear Control – Single Axis

$425.00 ex GST
Self Centering Control 1” Travel