Control Connections Australia is a leading supplier of high quality cables, controls, connections, windscreen wiper systems and spares as well as instruments and various other hardware, sourced solely from influential and trusted manufacturers. All cables, connections and controls necessary for the transportation, construction, marine and agricultural industries, military sector, racing world and railway services are supplied by Control Connections Australia, and our client base naturally includes restoration and DIY enthusiasts.

SpeedScreen is proudly powered by Control Connections

Speedscreen Australia has many years of experience in the manufacture of cables, gauges and controls for the agricultural, earth moving, heaving lifting, marine, mining, trucking and transport industries.

Building solutions for all types of customer, from the Government and Australian Defence Forces through to auto shops and backyard mechanics, Speedscreen has the manufacturing methods and equipment to enable it to produce thousands of control systems, all to the most stringent I.S.O certified standards.

Industries we supply

Control Connections Australia serves the following sectors. Click on your areas of interest below to be taken to the correct section of our website where you will be able to browse our huge range of applicable products.

Truck controls; truck connection cables; truck systems

Bus transmission and shift controls, bus connection cables

Military vehicle controls; military machinery hardware

Constructions; construction machinery parts; construction industry hardware

Marine cables; boat controls; ship cables and systems; steering systems

Cables and controls for agriculture; tractor systems; agricultural machinery hardware

Rail and rail track cables; rail engine connections; railway construction machinery hardware

Car and Motorbike Racing parts; racing cables and connections; throttle systems

Standard as well as Custom Designed Windscreen Wiper Systems and Spares for all types of vehicles

Instruments including all types of Gauges and Controls for the agricultural, earth moving, heavy lifting..


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Welcome to Control Connections Australia

We are able to give advice on all manner of control hardware for businesses and individuals throughout Australia, supply generic hardware or source custom and tailor-made items for all types of transportation and heavy duty machinery.

Control Connections Australia is a leading supplier of high quality and durable parts for every vehicle and machine. Please click on the headings below to be taken to the appropriate page for specific hardware types. Alternatively, get in contact with us.


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