Hourmeters (Electronic)

Model: LCD *2, Voltage: 7-56 VDC, Bezel: Black, Feature: Inhibited/Uninhibited

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LCD Hourmeter



P/N: 121304
Type: U-bracket
Type Description: Inhibited/Uninhibited
Scale: 99,999.9
Bezel/Finish: Black
Volt/Watt/Current: 7-56 VDC
Product Family: Hourmeters
Notes: *1 = bulk-packed product; *2 = kitted (individually packaged) product. “Inhibited” hourmeters accumulate hours only when the engine is running and a signal is being applied to the unit. “Uninhibited” hourmeters accumulate hours whenever power is applied to them. Hourmeter kits above include mounting hardware. (Surface mount units do not include panel screws.) For panel kits and other options, please see Accessories section.
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