Interface a broad range of transmissions and Electronic TCMs where mechanical actuation or electronic shift signal is required.

Standard mechanical and electro-mechanical shift control product line

Twist2Lock™ Fluid Level Indicator (FLI) product line is ideally suited for a wide range of engine, transmission and other applications.
The patented locking cap and assembly process offer increased accuracy of fluid level, leading to greater powertrain efficiency and performance.  Fluid Level Indicators are manufactured as a complete system.  A complete assembly includes a tube, locking cap and indicator as required.  Orscheln also designs and produces a lighter duty product called Push2Seal™™.

Electronic Throttle Pedals are offered in floor mounted and suspended designs. Each delivers a precise signal that interacts with the engine’s electronic fuel management systems. The fast-reacting pedals provide smooth driver operation and feature a durable, longer-life programmable Product Sensor. Polymer components create a lightweight pedal, as much as half the weight of current pedals in the marketplace. Steel base plates are available upon request.