Mechanical Foot Pedal – Morse

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Foot Pedal 208994

2″ Travel Cable M6x 1.0

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The tension operated high efficiency cables offered for use with the heavy duty pedal system are of the highest quality.

They are built on the Xtreme® cable technology platform. Systems using these cables have proved that they require less servicing and down time than “equivalent” mechanical systems involving rods and linkages, and give the simplest and most reliable method of governor control. Plus, Xtreme cables don’t require nearly as much force to operate them and thus reduces driver fatigue.

The cables are constructed to operate freely, in severe environments, at any temperature range where drivers work and at loads up to 100 lbs.(445 N).

The cables themselves operate efficiently from -40°F/C to 210°F (99°C).

These pedal systems are designed to have a neutral axis, i.e., the length, and hence the operating travel, remain constant regardless of the number of bends or coils in the cable run.

The flexible core is coated with HDPE and splined. The ends are covered with neoprene rubber boots to prevent the ingress of dirt, oil and other contaminants.

U Bolt Kit is supplied with Pedal, other accessories available separate


Part No.Description
063651U Bolt Kit
202782Clevis M6 x M6 (Short) ZP
202778Clevis M6 x M6 (Long) ZP
203232Ball Joint M6 x M6 ZP
Additional information
Weight 1.395 kg


Part No."A""B""C" & "K""D" & "L""F"
205657LGTHN/A141M6 x 1.032N/A
205659LGTH157N/AM6 x 1.0325/8-18 UNF-2A

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