Maintenance Tips

Wiper Blades – Maintenance Tips

Rubber, in its natural form, is a product sourced from trees, then refined into various forms for different kinds of products, including windscreen wipers. Left alone, rubber will break down and, on a windscreen wiper blade, could cause damage to both the mechanism and the glass if used.

Here are a few simple habits to help alleviate that.


One really simple habit is to clean the windscreen every time you visit your petrol station. Most “servos” have a tub with a squeegee style cleaner. The ones to look for will have a good mix of cleaner and water, not just water on their own. A clean screen minimises dirt trapping and reduces friction damage. And again, most servos will have paper towels near the water tub. A damp sheet of paper can be used to wipe the rubber squeegee blade. This will assist in removing attached dirt particles which could be transferred to the windscreen.


It may sound simple, but never activate the wipers to move across a dry windscreen. Think of rubbing a piece of sandpaper across your skin. This is, effectively, the same kind of friction a dry blade can experience on a dry screen. Dirt and dust then gets spread across the screen, and can lead to ongoing blade degradation.


Australia’s varying climates can have long term effects on cars and wipers. It’s not uncommon to have little to no rain and therefore the wipers will not have been used. The lifting of the blades from the windscreen and a wipedown with  wiper fluid will help in maintaining their condition.


From Darwin to Doncaster, Bunbury to Bondi, Thredbo to Tarago, there is heat and snow, wind and stillness. During Australia’s cold season windows can frost over, get snow covered, and the temptation is to use the wipers to clear off the snow or slush or ice. Wipers are designed and engineered to remove water, not ice, so lift the wipers away and clean the windscreen before using them.

Swap Over

There will come the time where the blades have reached the end of their useful life. TRICO’s range of blades then comes into play, and with a range of sizes, mounts, and styles, will continue to help clean your windscreen and provide a safe driving experience.


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