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What is Mechatronics?

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As advances in electronics and mechanical capability continue, products made the ‘mechatronic-way’ will be able to achieve even higher levels of accuracy, with increasing efficiency in resource use.

Mechatronics would be a viable selection if you are looking to give your machine a ‘brain’ and see it deliver high performance and precision.

Inner workings

In comparison to purely mechanical systems – that deliver solutions with mechanical components – mechatronics uses electrical signals and sensors to deliver high-levels of accuracy in motion control.

Why is technology headed that way?

A desire for improvements in efficiency and safety continue to drive developments in mechatronics.

Sensor technology enable machines (e.g. in automotive, marine industries) to deliver optimum efficiency in regards to power consumption and fuel usage.

It also allows for safety improvements in hazardous working environments e.g. mining. Mechatronic solutions can offer a safer work approach by implementing autonomous technology, giving remote access to dangerous goods.

Why take an interest in Mechatronics?
Today, mechatronics delves into the technology behind factory automation, intelligent systems and robotics – and professionally speaking – comprises of the design, manufacture and maintenance of automated systems. E.g. in vehicular systems, energy and power systems, biomedical devices

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